Baidu PC Faster


Optimize your computers performance eliminating all the rubbish


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The hard drive tends to fill up with unwanted or outdated folders when we uninstall programs because in the end a trail is always left behind.

Baidu PC Faster is a useful application designed to improve your computers performance and dispel any threats that may be around. It´s the best solution to free all the space this rubbish occupies on your system.

Baidu PC Faster detects and repairs all the registry errors your computer may have and scans it regularly to make sure they don´t accumulate again. Furthermore, this program doesn´t only optimize your computers performance but it also protects it from any file that might be infected.

Baidu PC Faster includes the cleaner tools for system and registry as well as for your desktop, Flash Player repairers, Internet and Facebook and the internet connection speed test option to evaluate how long your computer needs to start.

Furthermore, as an extra it includes an APP Store so you download directly and without infections various programs you may need.

In short, one of the most complete performance optimizers.
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